Friday, November 13, 2009

Kindergarten-things they need to learn and do

This is a new series of posts that discusses what each grade should know. It's not all inclusive, so please feel free to add to it. This would be a good handout to keep for yourself and for student teachers.

What Should They Know?



Harmony: singing with accompaniment


steady beat
simple rhythms (tah tah tah rest); tah; rest;
Beat vs rhythm (second half of the year)
Dynamics: loud/soft

Tempo: fast/slow


experience moving in many


same and different


4 types of voice (whisper/outside voice, talk/sing)
Types of instruments (woods, metals, skins; rhythm/melodic)
Sound effects to poems and stories


based in play: walk, run (not usually used inside unless it’s safe), jog, tiptoe, hop, jump, leap, gallop, skip (not usually developed in K), backwards (safely), sideways, slide, etc…
Symmetrical movement
Usually do not know left from right
My place in space
Free movement in their own space
Steady beat movements
Beginning circle games (listening for directions within the song)
Folk Dance: Very simple longways set (Kindergarten Reel by the Amidons) (second half of the year!!!)
Instrumentation: Exploratory in nature on unpitched and pitched instruments
How to play the instruments (good playing technique vs. bad)
How to let the instruments rest (on the floor in front of you, hands in your lap)
steady beat on rhythm instruments,
simple rhythms (tah tah tah rest)


Following directions (free movement, within a simple circle game/dance, playing instruments/not playing instruments)
Taking turns and dealing with the concept that not everyone gets chosen to be the leader in every single class
Finger games/finger chants, familiar songs from preschool,
Picture books
Animals; trains (transportation, cars, airplanes, boats); ocean (sailors, sea, fish), seasons,
learning how to sing alone (hello song)
opposites (fast/slow; sound/silence; high/low; loud/soft)

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