Monday, November 16, 2009

What to do in Week 1

Day One
Become familiar with the physical layout of the bldg
Become familiar with the daily schedule and routines
Review this blog.

Day Two
Read and discuss the 5100 rubric

Review the “music student teaching evaluation form”

Review the D-1 form in the student teaching packet

Indicate, in pencil, the score that you would like to receive on these form.
Make a “to do” list for yourself for the things that you’ll want to do inside and outside of the classroom to receive the desired score regarding evaluation forms
Observe and take notes on classroom management techniques (between classes) you’ve observed while participating.

During class, take notes on the procedure the cooperating teacher follows in any given lesson plan. What happens first, next, etc. This will help you plan your own lessons

Make a list of 10 songs that you would be comfortable teaching- (for any grade level) List should include source of material, page number, and a guess as to which grade it would be most appropriate for.

Jot down at least 2 activities that would be suitable to do with each selection

Share these ideas with your cooperating teacher

Day Three
After discussion, select a piece and write a rough outline of your first lesson.

The most important part of this plan should be WHAT the students are doing.

At this point it might be wise to consider what the follow-up to this lesson will be on the second day.

Be prepared to perform your selected material for the cooperating teacher with some sort of accompaniment

Observe cooperating teacher's classroom management procedures. Take notes and be prepared to use these same procedures.

Go to each grade level teacher to find out what classroom management consequences are available to you. Make a list with this information

Day Four
After discussion on day three, write a more in-depth lesson plan that includes material, objectives, and student activities (or the process) you will use.

This plan will be completed by Friday and you will teach it on Monday
Be able to verbally articulate the process you will follow for your lesson (you may use a “cheat sheet.”)

Be prepared to discuss the next grade you will teach

Day Five

Continue the above process for planning lessons.

Realize that the amount of work you have to do will increase as you pick up more classes.

You will have the most success and less stress if you “work ahead” regarding planning and preparation.

Ask questions often but don't ask the cooperating teacher to do the work for you

You should regularly review your ‘to do” list regarding the evaluation forms. I will not have time to remind you of these requirements. You must take the initiative to do the things necessary to receive a distinguished score. You are responsible for whatever score you receive and must be able to demonstrate (verbally or with supporting documents) what you have done to receive each score.

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