Friday, November 13, 2009

what should they be learning: second grade

Second Grade

What Should They Be Learning?


  • sol-mi-la
  • mi-re-do
  • pentatonic
  • can sing a song as a class after hearing it 6-8 times (or more). Students can sing with teacher while learning it.
  • Music Staff and melodic movement: steps, skips and leaps
  • Improvise melodic phrase (pentatonic) using building bricks (2-4)
  • Create melody (pentatonic) using b.b.


· singing with accompaniment

· play pentatonic ostinato accompaniment


  • Steady beat vs rhythm, class should be able to play both parts well
  • All building bricks: ta ta; ti-ti ta; ta ti-ti; ti-ti ti-ti; ta rest; (reading, playing, and manipulating building brick cards)
  • add half note and half note rest
  • Play a simple ostinato to accompany a song
  • Improvise rhythmic phrases using b.b. (8 beat patterns, 4 cards)
  • Improvise a rhythmic accompaniment for a song (using b.b.)


· loud (forte), med (mf and mp), soft (piano)

· Crescendo and Decrescendo

Tempo: Allegro (fast), Adagio (slow)


  • 2/4
  • 4/4


  • AB
  • ABA
  • Introduction and Coda
  • Repeat signs


  • Identify specific musical instruments and their families


  • Show all of the above skills through movement
  • All of the previously learned movement skills (see K and 1st grade)
  • 2 levels of body percussion (ex. pats and claps)
  • Use all space (high, med, low)
  • Circle dances, play party dances
  • Folk Dance: circle dances and longways sets; circle to the left, circle to the right, two hand turn, forward and back, promenade, do-si-do, right and left hand turn, swing, cast off and arch


  • Continue to work on good playing technique, including mallet technique
  • Can play a simple bordun on barred (pitched instruments), two hands together and two hands alternating while singing.
  • Add instruments for special effects with poems and stories


· Working in groups and team work (how to chose ideas in a group-voting, rock paper scissors, etc…)

· Multicultural pieces, singing games, passing games, etc…

· Dramatize poems and stories and create sound effects to accompany them

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  1. Carol..I'm glad you posted this. It seems like it is a much easier way for student teachers to grasp hold of those content standards. I too, like to look at it this way. A very helpful tool.